Operation Christmas Hamper

Dec 6, 2022 | News

Operation Christmas Hamper is coming to the Mem on Saturday and your help is required.

This is the brainchild of inspirational Gashead Charlotte Churcill whose aim is to make up as many Christmas hampers as possible for those in need. Your donations would go a long way to helping Charlotte reach her aim and donations wll be collected in the Car Park near the Ticket Office at Saturday’s game.

Bristol Rovers Supporters Club are proud to support this wonderful initiative.

Charlotte says, “Operation Christmas Hamper started in September 2020 in the midst of lockdown where my garage was my store room and my front room was where the Christmas magic happened.

I am the service manager for a company called Always Precious that works with local vulnerable families in crisis and mainly we work hard to try and get the children to remain within the family home and not be taken into care. 

In 2020 this small ‘thing’ I set up was a huge success so much so that I crazily did it again in 2021 but on a bigger scale and now here we are in 2022 with more support than ever. 

Every member of the families that we work with,around 30 currently, has a bespoke Christmas present bought anonymously by a member of the community, wrapped up and signed with love from a Christmas friend. 

As a child I couldn’t ever get my head around the fact that a child could go without a gift on Christmas Day. Often the gifts we give are the only presents they receive. 

These food hampers are not run of the mill type hampers they are luxury ones with all the extra goodies that make Christmas but that are generally expensive. 

This hamper appeal has more need now than when I started it in lockdown due to the cost of living crisis. 

Referrals are coming in from all over the local community, schools, churches and from the local authorities and I anticipate making in excess of 100 hampers. 

If anyone can donate any of these items we would be so appreciative 


Tubs of celebrations or similar 

Boxes of latte/caramel latte/ 




Hot chocolate 


Squirty cream 






Boxes of Biscuits  

Biscuits for cheese 


Boxes of chocolate’s 




Mince pies

Festive cakes 

Christmas pudding 

Christmas crackers

Shower gels


Washing tablets 50

The mem will be a drop off point on December 10th and your contribution will make such a difference. Sincerely thank you. UTG”