Rovers Announced as Most Improved Club in Fan Engagement Index

May 5, 2021 | News

A gain of 65 places from last season’s position makes the Gas the most improved club across all four league divisions in fan engagement. Furthermore, split into the categories of dialogue, governance and transparency, Rovers made significant improvements across the board. Last year’s score of just 30 has been dwarfed by a much-improved 110 this time around.

A concerted effort has been made throughout the pandemic to engage further with supporters, particularly with the stands empty for the entire duration of the season.

In July 2020, the club turned to online mediums to communicate with fans through a Fans Forum. There, supporters were invited to speak and listen to key figureheads at the club, including Wael Al Qadi, Martyn Starnes, Tom Gorringe and Karim Mardam-Bey.

Additionally, throughout the year several open letters have been written by both Wael Al Qadi and Martyn Starnes to keep fans up to date with the focuses of the club off the field. These additions to our fan communication were recognised by an improvement from 15 to 60 points in the ‘dialogue’ category of the Fan Engagement Index.

The regular communication from the Club’s Owner and Board was partnered with various fan surveys to gauge feedback on topics such as the match day experience, ticketing, catering and retail.

In February 2020, the Club hosted a Fans Forum event at the Mem, dedicated to the subject of improving the match day experience for all ages. The Club also constructed a new Club Charter.

On the improved scoring, Commercial Director, Tom Gorringe said “It’s pleasing to see that the processes we put in place following last year’s results have been recognised by the Fan Engagement Index.

“This past season we’ve worked hard to keep supporters informed and communicate effectively on the reasoning behind key decisions, through fans forums and open letters. In what has been a difficult, challenging campaign, we’ve continually looked to increase our dialogue with fans.

“We want to continue this trend of improvement into seasons to come and will search for more ways to develop our ties with our incredible fanbase.”