Your chance to vote for a new community project

January 1, 2000

Bristol Rovers Football in the Community, thanks to npower, will be delivering one of three new community projects – and it’s up to you to decide which:




Home Team Heroes - Respect
Captain Stuart Campbell thinks we should put year 6 pupils through a Respect training workshop.

The Respect workshop is designed to help ten year olds learn important skills such as teamwork and citizenship and understand how these apply to football and other areas of their life.

Chris Lines wants us to transform a local park or playground to encourage children to play sport.

Home Team Heroes - Playground

This will involve revamping a local park or school playground to give children somewhere to play.

Byron Anthony would rather we run a new football skills coaching programme for 4-6 year olds.

Home Team Heroes - Coaching

Community Coaches will deliver a new football skills coaching programme designed for 4-6 year olds. The programmes will run over five-week periods.

Please click here to vote for your preference.


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