4th January 2011 Plymouth Argyle

January 1, 2000

BRSC programme notes compiled by Dennis Payter                                                              

Will Hoskins in action

during our match against

Argyle at Home Park

in November





Jim Chappell

A very Happy and Prosperous 2011 to ‘Pirates’ and ‘Pilgrims’ alike and welcome to the Mem for what I hope will be a full blooded West Country seaport battle to start the New Year with!

At the time of writing Bristol is in the depths of a big freeze with the Colchester match postponed and the Boxing Day clash against Walsall presumably in doubt, leaving aside the New Year’s Day trip to MK Dons. Rovers could still be down in the relegation zone, halfway up the League 1 table, or simply still waiting to play for the first time under new management! It is not inconceivable that we could have a new permanent manager in place by the time ou read this although it is much more likely that Darren Patterson is still in charge of team affairs with the writer having no idea as to how things have developed in the past three matches – if they were played at all! That’s the joy of writing for ‘The Pirate’ or any football programme for that matter!

As Chairman of the Supporters Club, apart from the obvious desire to see Rovers’ League position improved, the thing I want most is for the club’s revamped youth policy to be fully protected by our new management team, as it was under Paul Trollope. I’m certain that it will be well taken care of by Darren Patterson as of course he initially joined Paul’s staff as Head of Youth, and I sincerely hope that it will continue to flourish by whoever finally takes permanent control of Rovers’ ‘hot-seat’. Our 50/50 Draw sellers will be out in force for your money as ever this afternoon and I hope there will be a hefty holiday prize that will be matched by a similar amount which goes to the youth scheme. Please give generously for it is Rovers’ future being provided for by the draw!

Jim Chappell, BRSC Chairman



It is the time of the year when all the Global Warming worriers go into hibernation and the ‘winter break’ fans raise their heads along with the call for summer football.

 With all the uncertainly of games being on or off at the moment the best way to travel away has to be with the Supporters Club.

 As members of the Football Supporters Federation, all our travel expenses are covered by insurance so you would not lose out on a wasted trip

I was pleased to read recently how Mikkel Andersen is against a mid season break. It is a theme that always puzzles me. How could the Football League have predicted the weather would be so bad so early this winter?

 Imagine if a break had been planned for the first few weeks in January after such a bad December, what an even bigger mess the fixtures would be in by now. When will these people realise that you can never predict the British weather.

Clubs cannot argue that players need a rest because at the first opportunity it seems to me they are off to the Far East or the USA for a money making match.

This winter has been exceptional so far (what did happen to Global warming?) and I know it makes travelling difficult but we just have to tough it out.

 As for summer football, travel could be even more difficult in June and July with all those caravan towing holidaymakers on the road. Imagine playing Exeter, Bournemouth or Brighton away on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Football clubs and fans would also be faced with competing with other attractions like cricket, golf and other summer pastimes and of course a foreign holiday could mean missing three Saturdays, not to mention midweek games.

Many games could be played on hard bouncy pitches, give me heavy grounds any time and the hot weather could slow down the pace of games.

So wrap up warm, get a pasty and a Bovril. What would we be left with if there was no football at all throughout a long dark winter?

Dennis Payter



Good evening and welcome to the Memorial Stadium for tonight’s League encounter with West Country rivals Plymouth Argyle and a warm welcome to Argyle supporters who have made the trek up the  M5 to be with us and a safe journey home after the game.


 I am writing these notes ahead of the Boxing Day and other holiday and New Year games and wonder just when the season will get back to normal as far as the fixture list is concerned. It certainly has been a difficult few weeks for training and playing. Players like to play and supporters like to watch, so let’s hope for more favourable weather ahead as we embark on the second half of the season.

 We have enjoyed some exciting games against our Devon neighbours in the past, but the highlight for me was season 1973/74 when Alan Warboys smashed two memorable goals and Bruce Bannister grabbed another in a fine 4-2 home win for the Rovers. Stu Taylor scored the first goal that game; happy days.

Bruce Bannister and Alan Warboys,

on target for Rovers

in the 4-2 win against Plymouth

in 1973/74

Back to present times and if you live in exile up the Midlands look out for announcements coming soon regarding meet ups for supporters who live in those parts. The West meeting will be held in the Bromsgrove area and in the East we will be meeting in a village on the Leics/Lincs border north of Oakham in Rutland.

There is a lot of football in front of us to come before May so let’s go well this afternoon as we work hard to climb the table to a position of safety and higher. This is Bristol and we can do this; come on Rovers, come on you Blues.

Ken Masters

BRSC Director

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