More Wristbands Arriving Soon – UPDATE

January 1, 2000


There’s no doubt that this year has been a popular one for wristbands. They have been a new way for people to express themselves or show their support for charities and many other kinds of groups.

The Rovers wristband proved to be an instant success, with almost a 1000 sold before they arrived by  people pre ordering them. We were one of the first, if not THE first club to introduce them, and it’s a fair bet we were the first to introduce them as part of a campaign aimed at changing attitudes on the terraces. [image2]

They were followed up with the yellow and blue ‘away’ edition and then the pink and blue edition from which a percentage was donated to Breast Cancer charity.


Whilst there is still stock of the yellow and blue and the pink and blue ones (which are selling fast), the blue and white ones were sold out some time ago. In the light of renewed interest in them we ordered another small batch of 200, which will be the final batch. They are on sale now at both 199 and Pirate Leisure, so if you haven’t got yours yet and still want one, now’s the time. [image3]

Finally, lets not forget the all important message behind them, the message of Bristol Rovers – NO TROUBLE! 


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