Put your foreign coins and notes to good use

January 1, 2000

Every year thousands of people return home from holidays and trips abroad with foreign coins and notes. Many of these get put in a drawer never to be seen again!

 As it is difficult to convert left over holiday money back into sterling, why not donate it to the Share Scheme?
Individually these notes and coins are not worth much, but if the Supporters Club receives enough donations, we can arrange for the foreign currency to be converted into sterling.

This will help raise vital funds for the Share Scheme, as we look to reach the £1million pound mark.

As well as current legal tender from any country, we can also accept old coins that are no longer in use, so why not have a quick look and see if you have a couple of euros, francs, dollars lying around doing nothing?
In addition, we can also sell old English coins, so if you have any shillings, old 50 pence or half pence coins, etc please pass them on to the Supporters Club.

Obviously as well as old or foreign coins any spare change from current legal tender would also be grateful received. Coins can be put in the collection tins at 199 Two Mile Hill Road, Pirate Leisure, the matchday portacabin, or with the programme sellers at the Memorial Gates.

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