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January 1, 2000

With 2011 and the Christmas festive period all but over, attention will focus on January and for all followers of football that means `Open the Window’.

 The big money, and the big transfer deals, will take place in the Premier League no doubt but the opportunity is there for all clubs to take stock of their respective positions and do the necessary business as they see. The media will be full of speculation and rumour as the month rolls on; there will be truth, some truth, no truth, pure fantasy and total surprises as there always is.

Hamish Mackay on the FootballFanCasr. com writes under the headline:

Roll up, Roll up… Let the transfer madness commence!

 “What is it about transfers that we love so much? Sometimes it even seems that fans are more interested reading about which players their team are going to sign rather than actually watching them play.”

The best sorts of stories are the ambiguous player for sale stories. Take Fernando Torres for example. The rumour that he is available for £20m has got every fan in the world whose club has a spare £20m in the bank thinking this could be their man. It is just too easy for journalists. Where did this rumour come from? Andre Villas-Boas stringently denies this suggestion and like 99% of transfer rumours out there it was probably just some tabloid journalist trying to work out, off the top of his head, what a reasonable price would be for the Spaniard and then pairing that estimation up with the fact that Torres spends quite a bit of time on the bench; logical yes, truthful no.”

Interesting comment, especially from a journalist about journalists! Hamish is on a roll himself here and he goes on:

“The problem with this sort of behaviour in England is that there are laws protecting the sources that journalists use. They do not have to declare them if they don’t want to and what this leads to is the fabrication of sources, and in turn stories. However, that doesn’t mean that all stories are false.”

Well that’s refreshing to know Hamish.

I was talking to a football watching mate in the pub on this subject only recently and he expressed the view,

“Well at the end of the day, it’s all about money.”

I thought well, largely yes, but I am noticing that players are looking for moves for other reasons these days such as location, family reasons, lengths of contract and even the manager.

So what about the Manager then? Also writing for Rebecca Knight has this to say,

“Take a look at Arsenal, United and even England – they all have one thing in common. Old school managers who are not exactly known for their man management skills, but more for their ability to – especially in Fergie’s case – unleash the hairdryer and fear on their players when things are not going well.”

“In the modern game however, you are more likely to see a Mourinho type figure in his infamous Armani suit putting an arm around players on the touchline or being engulfed in the goal celebrations than you are to see a Bill Shankly like figure prowling the touchline in club crested trackies.”

“Psychology and sports science is now at the forefront of management, with the `door always open’ policy being adopted by a number of younger managers and more of a camaraderie being seen between the ever younger managers such as Guardiola and the squads, with man management now the buzz word on everyone’s lips.”

Also on a roll Rebecca goes on:

“Don’t get me wrong, to do as well as Wenger, Fergie and Capello have throughout their careers, an aspect of man management must be there in some respect, but with managers like Mourinho and Guardiola emerging, and the success of their respective teams, coupled with the seeming decline in the ‘old school’ management style, is it now the era of psychology and man management?”</p>


Well you tell us Rebecca, but I for one more than understand what you are saying.

For all his amazing success over 25 years and more Sir Alex always seems to be the favourite target. Following the massive disappointment of not progressing in the Champions League you can imagine transfer speculation regarding Man U but not so according to BBC Sport.

 “Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson insists he will not panic buy during the January transfer window.”

 A knee injury has ended Nemanja Vidic’s season and Darren Fletcher is taking an extended break for health reasons. With Anderson sidelined by a long term knee problem and Javier Hernandez and Tom Cleverley also out of action, United’s resources are stretched. United were knocked out of the Champions League following defeat to Basel, and their growing injury list prompted former midfielder Paul Ince to tell BBC Sport they need to buy a striker.

However, asked if he would bolster his squad in the New Year, Ferguson said:

 “Not necessarily. I don’t know why people keep going on about it.”

 But people do and people will, it’s the way of it and with the www providing the means you’re not going to stop it.

Keep watching and enjoy!



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