Commercial Committee

January 1, 2000

Commercial Committee statement of objectives and Customer Pledge

Bristol Rovers season tickets.

  • To provide our customers with a high quality and cost effective transport solution for Bristol Rovers away matches.
  • To ensure that only high quality merchandise carries the ‘Bristol Rovers Football Club’ or ‘Bristol Rovers Supporters Club’ branded logos.
  • To maintain and manage a retail operation to provide Bristol Rovers merchandise via retail outlets and the internet.
  • To continually assess the way in which we strive to fulfil our objectives.
  • To seek to reward our customers loyalty.
  • To investigate the commercial potential of the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club website and how that can be used as a tool to improve services to our customers.
  • To instigate and promote initiatives to benefit our customers.
  • As far as is practical, to ensure that the goods and services that we offer our customers sets the highest standard for other football league clubs to aspire to. This is the standard that our supporters demand and are entitled to expect.
  • To adopt a pro-active approach in respect of stadium regeneration plans and the temporary move to Cheltenham Town FC.
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