Top Level Talks

January 1, 2000

Many issues from the stadium redevelopment to the share scheme were debated when the full executive committee of the Supporters Club met the football club directors across the table at The Beeches.

Geoff Dunford started last week’s meeting by thanking the Supporters Club for the way it had undertaken the massive effort of selling tickets for the Millennium Stadium final.

Stadium regeneration

Director Nick Higgs explained how  the detailed design of the stadium  was developing and he confirmed the new facilities earmarked for the ground included a designated area for the Supporters Club.

Mr Higgs revealed  that a number of sub-consultants were about to be commissioned and these include Project Managers, Cost Consultants, Engineers and Specialist Pitch Advisors. In addition the Architects appointment, for the detailed design and construction phases, would be confirmed.

The Board promised that regular updates would be put on the FC Website in addition to press releases and programme articles. Mr Higgs also said that consideration was being given to provision of a viewing gallery and web cams during the construction works.

The next important stage is getting the Section 106 agreement signed off. This needs to be done by the end of March and is currently on programme. The Section 106 Agreement can take up to 9 months on a project of this size and this reflects the hard work put in by the Regeneration Team prior to the formal application in January.

Company secretary Toni Watola and Mr Higgs outlined the process for obtaining funding and the current situation is very positive.

The SCE were tasked with setting up a project to consider fitting out the Supporters Club bar to our requirements. Considerations will include furnishings, displays, air conditioning, TV screens etc. We always welcome views from fans on what should be included and would be pleased to hear from anyone with expertise to offer in this project.

The Board challenged the SCE to take a positive role in the football club going forward into this new era. It is up to the Supporters Club to demonstrate what we can offer to the club and maximise its influence through the Board Representatives.

The subject of a temporary home was discussed. The Board confirmed that the evaluation of potential grounds was on-going and that further news would be released in the near future. Fans are urged to give their thoughts to the SCE so that we can represent your views.

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