Anderson Speaks To Supporters

September 25, 2005


With a new management duo taking the reins against Darlington for the first time, I managed to get a pre-match exclusive interview for with John Anderson yesterday morning.

I asked John how he saw his role as Trollope’s no.2.

 ” I was flattered Paul asked me to help him out. Paul’s been in the game a long time and he has a lot of contacts and players he has played with, so I was obviously delighted it was me he asked. Training will be as upbeat as possible and we are doing everything we can to give the lads confidence in themselves.” He continued, “Paul is the main man and he has just asked me to help out, particularly with the defence and in any other way I can.”

We spoke about his role and I asked what sort of impact he felt they could make.

“Our priority is to focus on the Darlington and Bury matches to start with. We only had a day to prepare the team for the Darlington game, and our message to the players was how we had to approach everything with a professional attitude and give our best.  We told the boys the team for Saturday would be announced early so everyone had as much time as possible to be organised and ready for the game.”

John went on to speak about how much work they have ahead of them. ” It’s a hell of a job to do on your own and I’m only too pleased to step in to help Paul. There are matches to watch, oppponents games, youth games and much more, making it a 24 hour a day job almost. We are fortunate to have Paul Molesworth to help with watching games. John said he hoped his experience would help in doing the job and feels that that added to Trollope’s experience and coaching badges will help them in the short term. He hopes to go into coaching himself one day, and hopes to take his coaching badges soon. [image2]

I asked what has changed since his appointment and whether the players have changed or been taking the mickey.

“Well on Thursday Paul couldn’t find his gear and then we found somebody had moved it into the managers office. There has obviously been some banter, with Craig Hinton deserving of a special mention , as he has been very helpful making me cups of tea, so I suspect he’s hoping this will have some sway when it comes to picking the team.”

Finally, John had this message for the fans. ” In the short time we’ve had available to us we’ve prepared the team as professionally as we can. They all understand that everyone wants a winning team at Bristol Rovers, fans, players, everyone, and once they cross that white line they will be giving their level best to acheive that, one step at  a time. Please give them your full support and they will do all they can to send you all home happy”


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