Green Un 3rd December

December 4, 2005


A home win against Barnet last Saturday got Rovers back to winning ways, with two class goals from Richard Walker.
The team performance in the first half was convincing, though with Barnet getting a goal back into the later stages of the game, the Gas were clinging on a little come the end.

Thursday saw the Supporters club hold their AGM, and an additional attraction for the evening was an open forum with both first team coach Paul Trollope and Director of football Lennie Lawrence. As well as them, football club board members were also present to answer member’s questions. The evening was well attended, with over 70 members being present.

Since the last AGM, the Supporters club committee has been through some changes, forming four new busines committees. Each committee chair addressed the meeting informing on the years progress. Additionally, fans Director Kim
Stuckey gave an address reporting on how he acts on fan’s behalf in the boardroom and went on to discuss the Supporters club’s commercial development plans for the forthcoming year. Supporters Club chairman John Malyckyj also spoke and challenged some of the critics of the committee. He said whilst both the committee and all the shop staff have worked very hard this year in the face of some criticism, those making their observations did not attend to debate them in public, which he found disappointing.

Another important item on the agenda was the election of a new fan’s Associate Director. The count for the two candidates, David Brain and Ken Masters, ended up very close, with a voting poll of 38 votes for David and 35 votes
for Ken. There were 4 spoilt papers.

In other news, with the Rovers Man Utd 50th anniversary evening fast approaching, Cowlin have agreed to to be main sponsor of the event. The Supporters club would like to thank them for their support, which has enabled us to print a commerative programme. Tickets for the evening are free to supporters club members and are available at both 199 and Pirate Leisure.

Finally, both the Supporters club and head grounds man Pete Prior would like to convey thanks to all those supporters who turned up early last Saturday to help remove the covers from the pitch. With the sever weather predicted, it was essential
to ensure the covers were on to give the match any chance of taking place on the Saturday.

I spoke with Head Groundsman Pete Prior today who was delighted with the turnout. ” I got here early today to organise getting the covers off for an early pitch inspection. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a good number of people waiting to help, with more following shortly after” he said. He continued; “There were the usual faces but what was equally rewarding was to see a few new faces. I cannot thank them enough for their help which showed true Gashead spirit, particlualy in view of how cold it was this morning.”

All in all, 22 Gasheads turned up to help and because there was such a good turnout, it was made all the quicker. Helpers were given a spot of breakfast by way of bacon sandwiches and coffee as a thankyou from the football club. We hope if needed we can call on you again this season should the need arise.

Last week’s 50/50 winning ticket was number 26131 which won a prize of £759.

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