Green Un Comes To An End

December 5, 2005


It was with much disappointment that we recently learned the Green Un will be published in it’s Saturday form for the last time on Saturday 17th December. It will be getting a ‘free transfer’ to become a pull-out in the Evening Post as from Monday 9th January.

The Green Un forms an important part of our communication with our members via our regular Supporters Club news column. Be assured every effort is being made to secure a column in the new style publication that will be starting from January 9th.

The Green Un has been a┬átraditional format in Bristol, coming out literally minutes after the final whistle to update us all of the whole day’s football, from the Highlands to Plymouth and of course all the reusults for our area, league and non-league.

Additionally, it has covered Rugby and all the other sporting events that take place in the district, much of which would struggle to get any coverage in the papers. It has played an important role in our sporting lives, also reporting on social pub games leagues like darts, skittles and even cribbage leagues, and let’s hope this continues in the future.

Sadly, with all the modern methods of information gathering and, it would not be unfair to say, a less than perfect distribution set up for the paper, factors have conspired to signal it’s demise. Having a pc gives one the ability to find a lot of this information very quickly and this too has helped signal the end for a local tradition.

It goes without saying we wish to thank them for the opportunity to have a regular column and wish all those whose jobs are now at risk all the very best.


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