An Appeal From Fellow Football Fans

January 7, 2006


We have all heard the news that fellow League 2 club Macclesfield Town have recently been heavily fined by the F.A for financial irregularities.

It is well known that despite us being considered a ‘big club’ within League 2, we too are struggling financially. To counter this and indeed attempt to offer the club an advantage, the Supporters Club share scheme was launched some 3 years ago now. During that time, we the fans have contributed nearly £500,000 (though we still need more) to Bristol Rovers, in exchange for shares in the club.


The objective has always been to secure a shareholding of 28% of our club to ensure it’s future and be in a position where the Supporters have the big say on key decisions made by the football club board when this is acheived.

Most of us know, or think we know why Macclesfield were fined as they were. Most also take the view that they would rather support their own club  than  give money to a club they may have not even visited, a sentiment with which one can sympathise. The power of football fans though, particularly at the clubs at the lower end of the football pyramid, has been seen time and time again over the last few years. Brighton and Hove Albion and Wrexham being two such examples. There seems to be a bond growing between the fans of League 1 and 2 clubs showing empathy towards each other’s predicaments, not as fans of Macclesfield or Torquay or Stockport, but as having in common the fact we all back clubs with few resources and cash to change the fortunes of their respective clubs.

Below is posted an appeal from a Macclesfield Town fan. Some Rovers fans have helped already.

Whilst you are still in the Christmas spirit, I was wondering if I could count on your support as a fellow football fan?
As you know the plight of Macclesfield Town football club is being well documented, we need to raise £300k by the end of January or my beloved club could face liquidation.
Footie fans up and down the country are currently doing their bit by donating just £1.25 for a pixel of their club crest. There are a few Bristol Rovers crests on the pixel page already;please click the link to visit 
HERE and all will be revealed!
We are not the first club, neither will we be the last to feel ‘shafted’ by the FA and it always appears to be the smaller clubs that are more greatly affected. This fine relates to previous board’s activities and just punishes us ordinary fans and not those responsible.
Please, please, pass this message on to your fellow Gas-Heads and anyone who you feel might sympathise.
Let us show the suits at the FA the camaraderie that exists between fellow footie fans!!!
Yours in sport,
Tina x


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