Fantasy League – Latest Update!

March 6, 2006


This season’s Rovers fantasy league is proving to be a close thing. After last week’s sending off for Junior at London Road, it will have no doubt affected may teams. Please take a look below for the updated standings which include the recent Peterborough match. Thankyou again for your support.

Latest Standings (up to Peterborough – February 25th) : 


Team  Points     Substitute Points (Tie breaker)
 The Team With No Name 98  
 Can I Have Rooney As A Ringer? 97  
 Turner’s Terrors 80  
Briz Boys 77       14
D Whittington 77         8
Steve Lenton 72  
G W Nash (2)       30
GW Nash (1) 64      -11
Nigel Gardiner 61  
Geoff Pike 57
Colin Williams 55       30
Dan Lane 55         7
Mollie Edmunds 55         3
Issa Nissa 55      -11
Andy Rodgers 52      -11
M J Simmons 52      -13
Atkins Greatest Fan 50       35
Ian Higgins 50         4
Dan Smith 50         0
Si Knapp 49
Pete Collins 47
Six A Side Stars 45
Team K 42
The Four Corners 30

Please note that the points include any transfer during the transfer window and include minus 10 points for Junior’s sending off v Peterborough. Chosen Substitutes score – only shown where Points are tied. These scores are indicated as the second figure where teams are level on points.


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