Xtreme Martial Arts Coming Your Way

March 22, 2006


Saturday 25th March sees a half time treat heading your way at half time.

Gashead Andy Davies runs the Page Park martial arts academy in Staple Hill, Bristol. He has agreed to bring some of his students along to perform a routine for us during the half time interval at the Mansfield game.

Andy introduces himself and some of his students.

Well I’ll start with me. My name is Andy Davies, I’m 47 years of age and am a nine-times British Champion and European Silver Medal winner and run the Black belt Academy in Staple Hill with my wife Diane who is a former International Champion. In 2003 and last year in 2005 I was named as South Gloucestershire’s Sportsman of the Year at a special awards ceremony.
From amongst the 17 British Champions in our Academy in Page Park, Staple Hill, we formed a specialist ‘Xtreme’ performance team last year which has gone on to win National awards and been invited to provide screen actors for action movies.

Team member Matt Davies (12 years) and Brad Davies (6 yrs) are both my sons and similarly are both multiple British and International Champions.

Dan Greenow (17 yrs) is the most outstanding performer and is not only the British Champion but was invited to perform at the world Seni exhibition in the NEC with XMA creator and former Power Ranger Mike Chat.

15 year old Kasha Pyne and 9 year old brother Adam are also both members of the team and have done well in competition.

14 year old Olly Jefferies although still a novice grade has joined the team and is coming along well and has likewise done well in competition, but we won’t talk about what team he supports!

Two time British Champion kickboxer, 26 year old Scott Clist and 12 year old Stephen Bowyer both from Wiltshire have recently joined the team and are proving to be outstanding performers, although like myself Scott is recovering from a major injury.

Not to be outdone, 44 year old Nigel Helps from Keynsham has also decided to try his hand at Xtreme Martial Arts and is the current veteran’s British sparring champion.

Another recent member is 17 year old Samantha Harding Taylor- a gymnastic coach to some of the team members and who decided (with a little persuasion) to join the team.

Water Sports enthusiast and High Diver Dan Hornsey (17 years) is also a recent addition to the team and is picking up the routines extremely well.

[image2] Whilst the team are usually noted for their use of an array of specialist Martial Arts weapons as part of their displays, they felt that it would be better if this was not included in their performance at the memorial stadium.

We thank them for taking the time to come and entertain us during the half time break. Many have often asked for something new for half time entertainment and I am sure this will certainly fit the bill.

If you would like more information on Xtreme martial arts Andy can be contacted on the following number, 0800 – 0730297.

Warning Martial arts can be a dangerous pass time and those taking part in the display at the Stadium have undergone years of speciallist training to enable them to perform the routines you will see at the match. Please DO NOT try to recreate any of routines seen during the demonstration without the appropriate training, safety equipment or supervision. 



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