Player Of The Season Awards Evening

May 7, 2006

[image1] This evening marks the final event in the BRSC social calendar for this season. After our final match yesterday, we now have a three month wait until the start of the next campaign, albeit shortened by the fact we have the small matter of the forthcoming World cup.  

Tonight we pay tribute to the players and will be holding our Player Of The Season awards evening in the Bristol Room. The evening is about giving awards to the players that represent  all the votes cast by Gasheads at voting boxes at both 199 and Pirate Leisure during the last few weeks. Additionally, fans have been able to vote online at this site, and we have had quite a few voting with the surname Elliott!!

Awards up for grabs this evening are;

Player of the season

Young player of the season

Goal of the season

The Steve Larkin Merit Award

The first three awards are self explanatory, but the final award listed is given to somebody who has gone that extra mile and done that extra bit. It doesnt go to a player, it goes to a fan. Last season it went to Supporters Club President Denis Dunford, a previous winner was programme editor Keith Brookman.

We have many fans at this wonderful football club who are giving of their time week in week out, match day and non match day, and despite there being only one person who will walk away with the trophy, it is appropriately a tribute to ALL volunteers who work so hard to help keep this football going.

[image2] As the evening is fully subscribed, it is now too late to get a ticket as capacity has been reached for the evening which does not allow for walk up guests. There will be a full report on here over the next couple of days.

The Supporters Club would like to register a few thank you’s to people who have helped with specific parts of the evening.

Social Chair Dave Hewett has worked really hard to get everything in place for this evening, inclduing much of his own promotion of the event. If you are a regular away traveller, you will have no doubt seen his posters up in the away end!

We also wish to pay  a big thankyou to Screen Soccer who do all the filming of our home matches. All the highlights you see in the bar after the games is done by them, and a fine job it is too. Tonights’ Goal of the season footage is supplied by them from their archives and edited especially for the evening. This takes a lot of time, which they have given for free, and we are truly grateful to them for doing this for us once again.



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