BRSC Fantasy League Final Table

May 14, 2006


At long last here it is the moment you have all been waiting for – The BRSC Fantasy Football League Final Table.

The final positions were not known until after the final game of the season, as with 10 points for each goal scored by a defender, a late goal by the likes of Lescott, Elliott or Edwards could have had a major impact. As it was, it was a really close competiton with no runaway leader. In fact the team lying in 16th place (Atkins Greatest Fan) would have won if she had started with Craig Disley as one of the main 6 players, instead of Ryan Williams, rather than keeping him on the bench for the tie break!.

The top scoring players were Disley 53 points, Campbell with 40 and Walker with 37.

Congratulations to the winners (the cheques and vouchers for prizes will be in the post soon) and lets hope that Rooney can have the same impact over the summer as he did for the Fantasy League champion!

The Final Table

Can I have Rooney as a ringer  130  
 The team with no name  129  
 Steve Lenton  124  
 Briz Boys  119  
 D Whittington  119  21
 Pat Newport  119  20
 GW Nash 2  110  13
 Turners Terrors  108  
 Geoff Pike  100  40
 Colin Williams  100  40
 Dan Lane  100    7
 Mollie Edmunds  100    3
 Issa Nissa  100  -14
 Nigel Gardiner    99  
 Six aside stars    92  
 Atkins greatest fan    89  53
 GW Nash 1    89  42
 Andy Rogers    89  -4
 MJ Simmons    88  
 Pete Collins    87  
 Ian Higgins  
 Dan Smith    82  
 Si Knapp    75  
 The four corners    67  
 Team K    66  
 Lynn Blake    60  
 Coach 2 part timer    51  

Once again, big thanks to all those who have taken part and helped to support the club. We hope to run it again next season, so watch this space for details.


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