BRSC Press Release

June 8, 2006


Supporters Club chairman John Malyckyj has expressed his regret at the resignation of directors Mike Turl and Kevin Spencer from the board of Bristol Rovers.

“I was sorry to learn that the resignation of Mike Turl and Kevin Spencer was confirmed tonight. They have both been hard working directors of the Football Club since their appointments.”  He continued, “We had been working with Mike on a number of issues and I have been in almost continuous dialogue with him since he joined the board as he worked so hard to stabilise the finances of the football club. Part of that process was to work towards a situation where the Supporters Club finances were aligned with that of the football club.”

“During this period we had a number of very lively discussions and we didn’t always see eye to eye, but always agreed on the need to think objectively about the problems facing us. My dealings with him left me with the impression of a man with a deep passion for Bristol Rovers, combined with a desire and vision to revive its fortunes.It therefore must be a matter of regret to everyone that he is unable to continue with that work. It represents a great loss to Bristol Rovers as does the departure of Kevin Spencer who was also a very diligent and energetic member of the board who went out of his way to make himself accessible to supporters.”

Commenting on the statement issued by the Football Club, Malyckyj added; “We await clarification of the appointments alluded to on the Rovers website last night and the precise role of the chief executive, but we expect the Supporters Club director, Kim Stuckey to be put fully in the picture on his return from holiday later this week.”

The Supporters Club will make more statements as and when it becomes appropriate to do so.

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