The Current Position

June 13, 2006


As events continue to unfold after recent statements from both the board and departing directors, Gasheads have looked towards BRSC for leadership and representation on the current issue.

With the official fans forum being closed down, BRSC supplied a temporary message board to enable Gasheads to keep in touch and debate the issues important to them. This board is still open, though the football club have now re-introduced the official one.

It has been noted that a report has been posted on the football club forum suggesting that both fans directors, Kim Stuckey and associate director David Brain have given their resignations. This report is a complete fabrication with no basis whatsoever and Gasheads should remain assured that were it the case, it would have been reported by us in the first instance via our own web site rather than as gossip on a message board.

In view of the special events of the last few weeks, BRSC committee is holding an extraordinary meeting tonight to¬†plan the way forward. We all appreciate everybodys’ need for current information and will do our level best to keep everybody informed and up to date as much as we can.

We will report back by Thursday with an update on the current situation.


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