Gasheads Talk Back – Grimsby Report

August 14, 2006


In contrast to what was an absolutely appalling start to the season, Saturday showed that Paul Trollope may just have made the necessary changes to kick start Rovers season after two defeats from the two opening games.

In a game which Rovers dominated and who I thought were unlucky not to win by a much greater margin, the Gas seemed much more focussed and determined to win the tackles, something which they need to do more of and no doubt hastened to do so by Messrs Paul Trollope and Lennie Lawrence.

This wasn’t a game of two halves as I feel Rovers were rarely threatened with a much more resolute defence and hugely creditable displays by Sandell, Antony and Green. Byron Anthony looked especially impressive in the air winning most of the challenges and Sandell looked explosive down the wing and looks to have more than made the transition from the lower leagues, scoring his first league goal and helping Rovers clinch their first points of the season. 


However, the game was spoiled by some appalling if not bizzarre decisions from the officials for the day, decisions to which Gasheads expressed their disgust in loud vocal response. The Mariners also seemed intent on high levels of physical intimidation which fortunately didn’t pay dividends for them and only inspired the gas to respond with more gusto and the eventual winning goal. Craig Disley took a heavy knock and was stretchered off the pitch but was later seen standing in the players tunnel watching the dying minutes of the game, so let’s hope that he is fit for the next game against the MK Dons.

All in all then, a game to offer hope to the Rovers faithfull. Creditable league debuts for some of our youngsters and certainly food for thought for some of our players who up to now have been nailed on first picks. With Elliott and Carruthers both not even getting on the pitch, some strong messages have been sent and judging by Campbell’s performance as a sub it looks as if they have been received loud and clear. For those unsure whether non league players could cut it, I think they got their answer Saturday.


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