AGM and EGM On The Way

November 1, 2006


Thursday 23rd Novemeber will see this years Supporters Club AGM. Entry will be made by showing your BRSC membership card for the 2005/2006 season ONLY.

The evening will start with an EGM and then after a short recess go into the AGM. There will be a question and answer session with staff and Directors of Bristol Rovers Football Club after the AGM. The EGM will be to simply elect officers and close any ballot.

The AGM that follows will have the following agenda;

1. Election of 2 Tellers
2. Matters arising from Minutes of the preceding AGM (unless covered elsewhere)
3. Adoption of minutes of preceding AGM
4. Annual Report
5. Questions and adoption of Annual Report
6. Financial Report
7. Questions and adoption of Financial Report
8. Business Committee Reports
9. Questions and adoption of BC Reports
10. BRSC’s elected BRFC Director(s) / BRFC Associate Director(s) Reports
11. Questions and adoption of Directors’ Reports
12. Consideration of proposals (see appendix 2)
13. Any other Business
14. Close of AGM
15 (3 EGM) Result of elections.

Elections will be held for the following posts:

BRFC Director (1 post)


Ken Masters
Clive Farquhar

Executive Committee Members Candidates 
Mrs J Browne*
Mr T. Alexander*

The names in italics require election. Those marked* are deemed elected as nominations did not exceed the places available.

Some members may wonder why we are holding both an AGM and EGM and below we have answered a couple of questions on this point:-

Q. Why are we holding EGM and AGM?
A. This is a unique situation brought about by the previous chairman resigning after 30th July and not having called for nominations in April. The EGM, called by the Executive Committee, enables us to progress elections constitutionally.

Q. Why start the evening with the EGM?
A. EGM closes the election process on the night to enable the votes to be counted and results given at the end of the AGM. This replicates the process that would have started at the AGM had due notice been given.

Anybody requiring further information is requested to contact either Pirate Leisure or 199.

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