Further info on Whaddon Road

May 20, 2008

[image1]For those of you considering buying season tickets but are unable to make the open day at Cheltenham Town’s Whaddon Road ground on the 31st May, here are a few observations which may help you make your choice.


  • C and G Terrace – behind goal, smaller version of the Bass Terrace, good atmosphere, covered except there is a small terrace that goes round the corner which is uncovered. Kids good view at the front. Food huts behind.
  • Tunnel and Paddock enclosures – two small terraces in front of the Stagecoach Stand. Smaller version of the Upland Enc.There is a roof above, but depends which way the wind is blowing if you get wet or not! Staff have been there when it rained and only the front 2 steps were wet. Reasonable view but need to realise that some view can be restricted due to the dugouts. The two terraces are divided by the players tunnel. Food huts closeby.
  • Stagecoach West Stand – backs onto the main car park. Typical old style stand which has an excellent view of the pitch except directly behind the pillar in BE block (seats are not to be sold). Seats are okay, but the legroom isn’t great especially if you are over 6 foot. If you are waiting for a freekick/halftime etc..lovely views of the surrounding countryside!
  • In2Print Stand – only a few years old and an excellent view in all areas, even the front rows, close to the pitch but good. Plenty of legroom, but sun shines into the stand so bring the shades! Modern concourse serving drinks/food but no alcohol. Need to note that for most of the league game away fans will be housed in the last 3 blocks. This is similar to how we have used the South Stand in the past.
  • Carlsberg Stand – new stand behind the goal which is far better than our South Stand. NO season tickets will be sold here as it will sometimes be used for away fans and you cannot segregate home and away fans in this Stand.However tickets could be available on a match to match basis.

Hope this is helpful.


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