Gold Bond Lottery Results

March 16, 2009


[image1]WINNERS WEEK 11

FRIDAY 13th MARCH 2009   








Y.1314             J RIDER                                   



J.0068              JENNY PRICE  



E.1098             SHEILA BROWN                      



V.5471             MR GANDY                             

SS0063             MRS V HOWARD        



SS1672             DAVID NASH               

FF6404             S.M JEFFREY               

T.4318             MRS V SELF                            

FF4938             SHEILA BALDWIN                   



N.1523             A MASON                               

TT2033            MRS A WILKINSON     

QQ0444           MRS P SUTCLIFF                     

GG1546           JAMES HUNT              

F.0201            MRS J LAWTON                      

PP5664            MR P ROWE                           


170 x £10 WINNERS

130 x £5 WINNERS  




Promoter: G Steele             Registered with The Gambling Commission

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