Matchday Chairman’s Report

September 17, 2009

AGM Match Day Report

7th September 2009


This has been my first year in the role as Match Day Chairman and it has been a year in which I have had to deal with a lot of issues and most of these are ongoing. They range in expectation and complexity but I wish to highlight some of these below. I would like to thank each and every member of the Executive Committee for welcoming me on board and assisting me into this post which at times has not been easy, for me or for them!


The Match Day Sub Committee met once at the start of last season and pre-season this. Last season our goal was that we wished to maintain a status quo in our efforts, and this year we are looking to expand our selling on Match Days. We have maintained a healthy number of sellers, some of whom tend to “double up” and sell both 50/50 tickets and Match Day programmes. Thanks to those who attended the meeting this year in August.


The “hub” of these operations is the Match Day Cabin which has been completed turned around and is now seemingly less cluttered and more operational. On a match-to-match basis sellers are still required, so please pop into the cabin and ask Phil to take down your details if you are interested in joining us.


The use of the Portacabin leased by Bristol Rugby has now ceased. Much of my previous Match Day was spent erecting this and shutting it down, not a job I miss now it is no longer leased by our partners at the Mem! Janet and Pat can now be found helping Phil or John on his stall.


I have inherited a role which has little to do with Away Match Travel Service which is principally run by Ralph and Jean Shaw. If you are a SC Member and wish to volunteer to steward on Away Days please call the shop at 199 Two Mile Hill Road or pop into the Cabin on a Match Day. In future I hope to work a little more closely with Mr and Mrs Shaw.


The Man of The Match Presentation‘s effectiveness has seen high and lows through the season. We are quite sure now that this will become a routine with a simple presentation and cheer from the fans in the Member’s Bar just before or during Screen Soccer’s super presentations on a Match Day. If you wish to present the trophy or have any comments on this part of my role, do not hesitate to mention them to me.


This past season I have been “out and about” trying to gauge your opinions on the whole “Match Day experience”. I consider it vital that you are at the centre of this club, players come and go, Directors spend a great deal of time effort and money in helping this club; this is undoubtedly true but for sure the CORE BASE is its supporters. I feel that many of you recognise me, but no way near as many as I would wish.


And onto the future. I wish to be as active as ever in the Supporter’s Club’s future. To maintain this and improve the service we give you I would encourage you all to airs your concerns, and comments be they positive or negative, via my email or by speaking to me. In the not too distant future lies our new ground and our mid-term plan to become a small established club in the Championship rather than a large one in League One! We would hope to have a super new headquarters in this stadium and in turn look at where we perform our Match Day selling in a new ground and if we can branch out even further to the surrounding suburbs of Bristol. Thanks to all our helpers who make the Match Day operation possible. My final words have to be: Jane get well!!


Marc Radford

Match Day Committee Chairman


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