Communications Report

September 19, 2009

Communications Report


We attempt to use every avenue to keep members up to date with what is happening in the Supporters Club.

I hope you enjoyed the recently published latest SC newsletter which was in “full colour” for the first time. Thanks go to Paul Seaton for his work on that issue.

We continue to fill two pages in the official programme at every home game and I welcome observations and input from members. Our “bigger” stories have received coverage in the local newspapers including updates on our share scheme targets which we have achieved, including the passing of the £80,000 mark recently. Also our stories on running a train to Norwich and the purchase by us of the £28,000 bus for the youth section received good coverage in the local papers.

Our website compares very favourably with other Supporters Clubs in the number of up to date items it contains, including our pages from the Pirate, and the amount of interest it generates can be shown by the number of “hits” to the site.

Thanks go to Peter Gibson for his work on the site and to our IT adviser Ben Eade.

We have a “Contact Us” on the site in which members can post questions which the relevant person on our EC will do his or her best to reply to.


Dennis Payter



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