Booted and Suited

November 4, 2009


“Social history with steel toe-caps”

John King, author of The Football Factory


“That my man, is absolutely brilliant. Love it. Really, really good”

Martin Knight, co-author of Hoolifan


“A jaw-dropping account of the seventies”

Bristol Evening Post



  • Welcome to the real seventies, where the hair is shaved, the music is funky and the football is violent.
  • Chris Brown was right there in the thick of the action, launching himself into the culture of the decade with a passion. With his regulation haircut, clip-on braces, shrunk Levis and bovver boots, he had the look every self-respecting bovver boy could not be seen without.
  • This is the amazing story of the most maligned decade in British history. It tells of adrenaline-packed Saturday outings, tonik suits, clashes on the terraces, safety pins and The Clash.


It ain’t no boogie wonderland………


This latest offering from local author Chris Brown can be purchased from either Pirate Leisure or our Kingswood shop at £7.99 per copy.

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