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November 17, 2013

WEBWATCH – Ken Masters

At Bristol Rovers we were first alerted to the issue of Community Health and more especially Men’s Health through Football from Liverpool Football Club.

This was about eighteen months or so ago, perhaps a little bit longer. We have linked up with Bristol City Council, the Local Health Authority and the University of Gloucestershire to investigate the situation in Bristol and the West, to devise an education and activity programme on the subject and to get involved.

<p id=”E209″> As with all of the work at the Bristol Rovers Community Trust, we need funding to support everything we do. We are a self funding non profit making organisation that seeks to do good work with school children, unemployed young people, post 16 full time Futsal students, older people, disabled footballers, young offenders, young people on our streets and many more in our community. We seek to do this work in the name of football, believing that football is a force for good in Bristol, South and Mid Gloucestershire and North Somerset and beyond. 

We have tried a number of sources of funding, including local ones, as yet without success. We are hoping on hope that our bid to the Peoples Millions will be successful so that we can continue and grow our work in this area. Research sources tell us that life expectancy locally is not as high as in other parts of the UK, due in the main to lifestyle. It is the dream of all Bristol Rovers fans to see our famous old club in the Premier League one day and why not, Swansea and Hull are there; we want you to be around and in our new stadium to see it. We want Mums and Dads to come with other members of their families to Bristol Rovers matches for as long as possible; for as long as you would expect them to do so. That is why we have called our project “Fans4Life”.

I believed that my search for information on this subject would be limited. However,I entered Men’s Health – Football into Google and was surprised by the amount of material that I found. Firstly, from Liverpool FC,

The Liverpool FC Foundation’s Men’s Health programme aims to improve the lives of men through the power of football and the Liverpool Football Club badge. The programme was developed in 2005 in partnership with Liverpool Primary Care Trust in response to the high levels of poor health in the local population. The programme tackles issues such as obesity, heart disease and poor mental health. To date they have supported over 4,000 men in the City of Liverpool.


They engage men through a variety of free healthy lifestyle courses including weight management, dads and lads football coaching, exercise classes, cookery courses, cycling events, workplace football coaching, comedy workshops and visits to such places as Cancer Research UK laboratories. With all of the Foundation’s health programmes, participants are offered the opportunity of an NHS vascular health check and agree a personal health plan with a Liverpool FC Health Trainer. Great work: this is precisely the sorts of things we want to do at Bristol Rovers for our community.

Secondly, from no less than Lionel Messi,

This from the Men’s Health Mag. They studied the world’s greatest footballer to reveal the moves you need to up your performance on the pitch.


Lionel Messi’s effortless harnessing of gravity makes him a locomotive genius, a spectacle of spatial awareness and three-dimensional physical control. On this website Alan Pearson, pro-football workout specialist, shows you how you can build speed, agility and that impossible balance, so that you can have the world at your feet. It’s well worth a look for all of you aspiring and active footballers out there. Others can benefit too. Play the slideshow to find out more.

 Thirdly, www.menshealth.co.uk/fitness/refuel-for-football

Mike Naylor, Performance Nutritionist with Southampton FC, tells you how to eat yourself back to match fitness after a long summer out of training. How about this for a few tips from Mike:

 On Carbs, “think sweet potatoes, apples, plums and pears.” Sounds good!

On Fats, consume 2-3 portions of sardines or salmon each week, and use a quality fish oil shot, kept in the freezer, every day.” Sounds good!

On Protein, “milk and eggs are both rich sources” Sounds good!

On Vitamins and Minerals, “two large handfuls of spinach leaves, one stick of celery, one apple, some ginger and a handful of watercress.” Thanks Mike, sounds, ugh, good!

Finally, from   www.news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8680970.stm

Staff from a London hospital set up camp outside one of Chelsea Football Club in an effort to encourage men to look after their health. Men don’t seek medical help as often as women and their health can suffer as a result. Statistics from the World Health Organisation show that in virtually every country men’s lifespan lags behind women’s. One reason is that men are 20% less likely than women to see their family doctor.


I ask on this page too. Walk on Guys; support the Bristol Rovers Health Project”Fans4Life” Please vote on Monday November 25th.

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