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March 30, 2014

 BRSC news

compiled by

Ken Masters





LAST time out the first and second 50/50 half time draw ticket winning tickets were both sold in the car park and by different sellers.

In the lead up to the Southend United game on March 21st Sam Parsons sold
winning ticket number 26958 to Scott Bellinqham from Cheptow and Ray Exton sold second winning ticket number 28481 to Lisa Counsel! from Mangotsfield. Scott went back over the estuary with a cool £779 and Lisa enjoyed her weekend a tidy one hundred notes better off than she was before buying her ticket.

Congratulations to our Car Park Winners and thanks to Sam and Ray for their sterling work on behalf of the Supporters Clubs and of the Football Club. Sarn and  Ray will be found at stations again today along with sellers at all parts of the ground. BRSC are proud sponsors of the Bristol Rovers Youth Academy. Thank you to all for taking part and thank you to our volunteer ticket sellers. Winning tickets can be sold to visiting supporters as has been the case several times this season already. Good luck to all in today’s 50/50 half time draw,


NORTON Radstock Gas members Martin Drake, Karen Davies, Mick Prandy and Kevin Baker will be choosing the Bristol Rovers Man of the Match towards the end of the game this afternoon.

Members will enjoy corporate hospitality before the game, a free match day programme, half time tea and pay bar drinks after final whistle. Thank you to Norton Radstock organisers for raising the funds to sponsor the game today. Thank you to all at NR for buying the draw tickets and congratulations to the lucky winners.


RACHEL Low came out on top in the Winner Takes All skittles round at Weston Gas last Saturday evening.

New member Rachel beat a good number of seasoned seaside skittlers to lift the crown. The ladies Killer round was won by Sheriden Vincent and in the men’s match the winner was Phil Watts.

The event was organised to raise funds and to nominate members to represent the branch as match sponsors at the Torquay game on 12th
April. This will be the eleventh year running that Weston has sponsored a home match; a great record. Chairman Wilf got lucky this time and will
represent the branch at the game. Wiif will be joined at the table by wife Shayne. A table for eight has been booked with Nigel Pratt and his wife,
Paul and Liam Walter and Yatton members
Ivor and Phil Watts also joining Wilf.

There were more prize winners on the night with Ivor collecting a bottle of champers, Frank Wesscott picking up a tie signed by Steve Mildenhall and Tony and Lee Lawrence winning the wine and chocs.

As well as sponsoring a first team game Weston Gas has sponsored the Youth Academy for eleven years on the spin too. Well done to all Weston members and a special thank to Steve.







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