August 5, 2014

Bristol Rovers training 040714

You will have just received your Newsletter from the supporters club or it is about to drop through your letter box any day now.

You might like to know that this will be the FIRST of FIVE newsletters planned for the season ahead.

This one though is the only one that will be sent through the post. Costs of printing and the high postal costs mean that email will be used for the others.

So if you have recently changed your email address or you do so in the future make sure that you contact us to tell us about the changes.


You can contact us by email at [email protected].flag_2[1]

The plan is to send out a newsletter roughly every two months during the season to the supporters club membership.

So one newsletter will be sent out in late September or early October around the time of the BRSC AGM.

Then one shortly before Christmas is planned. If you have any ideas about features or news you think we should include please let us know your thoughts.









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