Great Support

August 11, 2014

Great Support at the Mem. against the Mariners

It was pleasing and encouraging to see a group of players with a bit more pride in wearing the shirt. Having said that the most striking aspect of the day was the level of support. No other club in the Conference could even begin to compare and not a lot in League 2 either where only Carlisle came any where near and I suspect Luton fans had something to do with that.

Half the clubs in League 1 achieved less than the support we gave our team and Brentford in the Championship could not muster a lot more for a London derby.

Bristol Rovers v Grimsby Town 090814

Great to see Stuart Sinclair embracing the moment.

Give it a  game or two to build on the performance then if the players grasp the opportunity of playing for Bristol Rovers we will surely see the goals necessary to win football matches and put points on the board. If that happens the support will not go away. It’s all about winning football matches.

Regards, Ken








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