Is It You? 48362

October 5, 2014

The second prize of £100 for this match has been claimed but the first prize of £780 is unclaimed. 
winners are
This prize of £780 can still be claimed.
Just present your winning ticket to the staff of BRSC shop at 199 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood.
The prize money will be available for collection until the end of the 2014/15 season.
In the event of the prize not being collected by the end of this season £780 extra will be then given to the Academy team.
The 50/50 Half time draw supports the Bristol Rovers Youth Academy.
This season they have identified three key initial targets.  These targets were agreed with Tom Curtis before the season began.
TARGET 1. Provide funding to enable Academy teams of various ages to take part in competitive tournaments.
TARGET 2. Provide funding to assist with the accommodation costs of Academy recruits from outside the immediate locality.
TARGET 3. Provide funding to help with the costs of new equipment for the Hallen and Golden Hill Academy bases.
If sufficient tickets are bought during the season then other targets may well be achievable as well.
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