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October 23, 2014

Brian’s Blog  October 2014

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A friend of mine ‘in the game’ suggested to me the other week that you can usually tell after twelve matches how league tables are going to pan out. For example, those at the top of a table by this stage normally remain there or thereabouts and those at the bottom often have a tough time. The good news is that we are there or thereabouts. However, it is clear we need more fire power and I’m sure this is a problem which will be addressed sooner rather than later to ensure our continued bid to get back into league football at the first attempt.

You know as well as I do that our support has been fantastic again this season. Over 1,250 at Aldershot and over 7,000 for the Forest Green game.  We owe it to you as supporters to bring you success for your loyalty alone. The season has a long way to go with many twists and turns but I’m sure your loyal support will be rewarded come the end of the season.

navigate it!

That support is not only restricted to matches, but also with so much done by so many behind the scenes. I have always praised the work of members of our supporters club, 50-50 draw, Share scheme, programme sellers, Helpline, the club shop, young pirates, ticket sellers and so on. With a club of our size there is so much to do. That is why I was delighted to learn on the Fans Forum Jon the Stripes idea of The Gas Board. Having spoken to Jon we have invited him to the next Supporters Club Executive meeting to discuss his ideas. Communication is essential if we are to pull together as one. There is so much talent amongst our supporters that it is vital this is utilised. For example I am delighted Barry is now meeting supporters to discuss merchandising. I have said to Jon that both Ken and I would welcome the opportunity to be part of this idea once we know more about it – as would the Supporters Club. However let’s sit down together, discuss the idea and see where we go from there.


As you know I oppose talking shops. Like you I want action. I have been asked on twitter regarding another Open Forum. Once we have a date for this, I’m sure the club will let you know – but yes it should be sooner rather than later. Also on other issues I have been keeping in contact with Pauline over the ladies toilet facilities, an issue I raised at the last board meeting. I hope this is resolved, if not then very soon. Also I am delighted that the Supporters Club Quiz nights are coming back – again this was something Ken and I raised. I will continue to press on the Happy Hour but there are offers and I welcome that. I am also pleased the food is improving and will continue to work with the club on this.

I would like to think with the idea of the Gasboard, open forums, the supporters club, word of mouth on match days and all the many messages I receive by twitter or email  or forums  that everything is being done that can be done.  Please contact me at [email protected] and I will always come back to you .

Once again my sincere thanks for all your support. We have a game to win at Dorchester on Saturday as the FA Cup returns. I hope to see you there!

Best wishes



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