Website Review

June 7, 2015

Approximately 12 months ago the post at the bottom was placed on the old BRSC website.

Following the consultation process last year the website proposals were changed in a number of ways.

We are once more looking for your:-


Criticisms, and


If you have any views you wish to share with us please use the same contact details as previously notified.

We would welcome your feedback within the next 10 days so that the BRSC Executive Committee can consider your opinions at our regular monthly meeting in July 2015. Many thanks in anticipation.


Since the end of March the BRSC executive committee have been looking at how we can improve our current website.

We decided in April that the website was no longer fit for purpose and began a three stage improvement process. Following a review of the current website we decided that it was time to amend the content, layout and suitability of the site.

In our review we have decided that the key objectives for a future website should be:-

  1. To increase membership.
  2. To retain membership.
  3. To be more informative.
  4. To look more professional
  5. To be attractive.
  6. To be up-to-date.
  7. To provide better service to the membership.
  8. To offer more facilities.

We also want the website to be a more useful means of communication to a wider group. The Young Pirates, the existing supporters club branches and Helpline have been approached with a view to increasing their use of the website to contact their supporters. We are considering adding more Rovers and opposition news and the supporters club is looking to post news and stories more frequently from next season. We have liaised with others such as the club photographer and the programme editor over our proposals. We are planning to introduce the changes in three stages with the first changes taking place in August for the new season.

Before we finalise any of our plans we are keen to hear your views. Can you please let us know about any changes you would like to see and any aspects of the current site you believe we need to keep.

We would welcome your views by Thursday June 26th. These comments will be important in our final decisions. We will provide feedback on the comments to the membership via the BRSC website by Thursday July 10th 2014. 

Could members please forward their comments to the BRSC shop, (199 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1AZ), or by Thursday 26th June 2014.

Please head your correspondence “WEBSITE REVIEW.”


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