R.I.P. Gordon

June 30, 2015

(Ken Master shares some powerful memories of Gordon Fearnley, who died recently.)

On Friday of last week we held a meeting of the Bristol Rovers Community Trustees at the Memorial Stadium. Peter Aitken told me of the passing of former player Gordon Fearnley and we shared memories of Gordon with Tom Stanton who is a Trustee and a former player who played with Peter and Gordon in the seventies.

I recall Gordon as a very hard working player who always gave 100%; perhaps a bit more. It was a good time for us. A very together squad of players achieved well under the management and coaching of Don Megson. Promotion to the old second division, now the Championship and winning the Watney Cup were good times for all connected with the club at the time.


Gordon Fearnley is second from the left on the bottom row, between Colin Dobson and Peter Aitken. Tom Stanton is also on the bottom row.

Peter and Tom seemed to think that Gordon was not always a fan’s favourite. Players views are really interesting especially of years gone by. I did not quite agree and I recall Gordon as a bit of a super sub, always looking to get the goal that often made a difference between winning and losing.

Peter and Tom recall that he was a good mate and a popular member of the squad at the time, which is really nice to know. He always got a good cheer when he came on; perhaps into the second half with fresh legs and a eye for goal.  I remember him with quite a lot of affection and I am sure that others who supported the club in those days feel the same.

Away from Eastville, Platform One night club in Clifton was somewhere my friends and I would frequent at weekends. I recall the night club owners must have been pretty keen on football because there were large photos of the players of Bristol Rovers around the walls of the club.


Pictures of the players of another club too. Rock music, flashing lights, a drink or three, yet another Rovers win to celebrate. A bit of banter with good mates who just happened to be supporters of the other lot down at the South End and pictures of Gordon Fearnley.

Happy days; God bless Gordon Fearnley.


Ken Masters

For more details of his life and career, visit the BRFC Official Website. :-  CLICK HERE

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