What Happened?

November 29, 2015

Approximately 65 people attended the BRSC AGM on Thursday 26th November 2015.

Feedback concepts

The formal Agenda issues were covered very rapidly.

There were no changes to the constitution/rules, no membership fee changes and no elections.

The reports from the Chairman and the Directors were available on entry.

No concerns were raised related to the reports by Jim Chappell, Ken Masters or Brian Seymour-Smith.

The Financial reports were available on entry and these were the focus for a number of questions.

The questions asked were largely related to the sale of 199 Two Mile Hill Road earlier in the year.

Some members were interested in the way in which the proceeds of the sale were to be allocated.

There were questions about the agreed terms and length of the lease on the smaller BRSC shop.

Some questions followed about the BRSC EC view on the long term need for a BRSC shop.

A question concerning the future use of 50/50 funds was raised.

Questions about the total membership level and changing membership numbers were asked.

Following the Formal meeting there was a short break before the Question And Answer session.

The panel for the Q & A included Darrell Clarke, Barry Bradshaw and Nick Higgs.

The topics discussed as a consequence of the questions posed included:-

  1. The High Court Appeal process on 26/27th January 2015.
  2. The length and terms of reference of the High Court legal process next January.
  3. The possibility and/or likelihood of a Supreme Court Appeal.
  4. The existence or not of an investor/group of investors able to fund BRFC on a long term basis.
  5. What is considered as a WIN for BRFC in the High Court action?
  6. The full initial cost of the UWE Bristol Stadium and the reasons for the changed costs.
  7. The way in which the current legal dispute is not conducive to half way house outcomes.
  8. The reasons behind the MSP loan earlier this year.
  9. How Plan B will be able to partly support the move to UWE if the legal case is not successful.
  10. The impact of the Asset of Community Value designation for the Memorial Stadium.
  11. The Localisation Act and the legal advice regarding the impact upon the club.
  12. The cost of the current appeal process in comparison with the previous costs incurred.
  13. The reasons why the legal advice gives grounds for positivity over the January appeal.
  14. The number of groups/bodies impacted by J Sainsbury’s supermarket building retreat.
  15. The existence of a significant body of organisations monitoring the BRFC/JS dispute.
  16. The success of last season was warmly appreciated by members.
  17. The current loanees and the possibility/likelihood of other loanees in the future.
  18. The qualities that the manager requires in his first choice keeper long term.
  19. The potential issues that may be experienced when a current loan expires in December.
  20. The scheduling of a reserve team fixture in early December.
  21. The nature and length of the three-sided legally binding contract previously signed with UWE.
  22. The definition of a good investor from the perspective of the BRFC board.
  23. The possibility/likelihood that Plan B will be accompanied by other investment sources.
  24. The reasons behind a young striker at the club being carefully nurtured.
  25. The apparent change in standard of certain players when returning from international duty.
  26. The way in which the PR advisor is actively involved in media messages.
  27. The improved BRFC website and the contributing factors behind this.
  28. The possibility of the existence of RECENT Confidentiality Agreements.
  29. The nature and number of Non-Disclosure Agreements currently in existence.
  30. The improved level of profit from the reviewed merchandising products.
  31. The changed marketing areas, such as online and competitions were outlined.
  32. The success of the home and away kits were identified as key but not the only positive.
  33. The CE Sabadell Trip was being supported by club. SY et al. to visit soon.
  34. CE Sabadell will be promoting and help organise some aspects of the visit.
  35. Footballing, community and commercial benefits accrue from the July 2016 visit.
  36. Individuals such as SH and JK were acknowledged as key elements in this link.
  37. The arranging of reserve team friendlies at The Mem was considered.
  38. The lack of coverage of BRFC Youth team issues in the BP was highlighted.
  39. The length of contracts of current playing squad was discussed.
  40. A further discussion of the future first team goalkeeper ensued.
  41. A discussion took place concerning the failure to score regularly from set pieces.
  42. The necessity for more players to score goals, other than strikers was a focus for some discussion.
The Q & A was conducted in a respectful, friendly and positive atmosphere. 
If any topics were discussed but have not been mentioned please let us know. 
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