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March 5, 2016

A very good morning Gasheads!

Having read some of the comments on forums, I thought it only right to update you on where Ken and I are as Fans Directors now and perhaps how our roles may change under new ownership.

I will be honest and say that the last few years, after a promising start four years ago, became harder and harder.

As you will be aware the previous regime held what they called “equity directors meetings.”

As time went on, it became clear that board meetings were starting to play second fiddle to the main decision making.

It was becoming clear also I was learning more about what was happening at the club through forums than I did at Board meetings, even though I was accused of believing what I read on the forums.

It seems at times some of the comments made, particularly from the Fans Forum for example, were ‘spot  on’ and I appreciate that this is from my point of view not an acceptable position to be in from a representational point of view.

Although no formal board meeting is yet to be held, I am delighted the AGM is still taking place and I have no doubts that a board meeting will happen very soon once all the players are in place.

Nevertheless Ken and I have had conversations with several key directors about things that we believe need to be addressed and I am extremely hopeful that this really is the dawn of a new era.

The comments I have made include pricing, facilities particularly for our disabled and female supporters and catering to name a few.

I have been encouraged by the feedback I have had, and both Ken and I will continue to work on your behalf to do our utmost to meet your expectations.

Once the first board meeting has taken place I hope I can come back and provide an update.

Of course, like you, I am also interested to learn what will be happening about the new stadium plans.

I sincerely believe that this is essential if Bristol Rovers FC are to reach their full potential.

As always, I am open to suggestions on my email [email protected]

I regularly speak to supporters in regard to issues on a one-to-one, either by phone or twitter or on matchday.

I hope this clarifies your concerns and I am sure, as the early evidence suggests, the club is now moving forward in a very positive direction.

For everyone travelling to Notts County today, I hope to see you there and three points to take home.

May I thank you for your comments, positive or otherwise.

I do read and I do take on board.


Yours in friendship



Brian SS

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