General Knowledge

May 9, 2016

Over the next few days there will be the several rounds of the recent BRSC Quiz.

The answers to each round will be provided the following day.

Round 1. General Knowledge


1. What is the capital city of Slovakia?

2. Where would you wear an epaulette?

3. Nitrogen is N, Barium is Ba but what is the chemical symbol for Chromium?

4. Which island is shared by Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia?

5. What colour is Piccadilly on the Monopoly Board?

6. What does a phillumenist collect?

7. What stretch of water separates Saudi Arabia from Sudan?

8. What is held annually in London in Ranelagh Gardens, SW3?

9. Which animals are attacked by the disease Scrapie?

10. Which king was the last emperor of India?

(Round Two and the Answers to Round One tomorrow.)

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