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June 13, 2016

Unfamiliar with the planned site for the UWE Bristol Stadium?

For those who are interested in the proposed development site(s) here are a few images.


This is the view from the dual carriageway access route as you reach the HP roundabout which is the entrance point into the planned stadium site. The crane in the background is the Cheswick Court retirement complex.



This is the view from the entrance gates back towards the Abbeywood roundabout along the main access route into Cheswick and the proposed Stadium development site.



The planned Stadium is clearly visible to the East of the Main UWE Frenchay campus. The large Cheswick housing area is in its early stage of construction in this photograph taken some years ago now.



This image has the site of the larger commercial development opportunity site in the foreground. The proposed stadium site is visible behind. The cranes in the top left are located in the main UWE Campus.



This image is looking along the line of the planned internal access road. The stadium site is to the left and the larger commercial development opportunity site is to the right.

A further set of images from the South and the West will be posted at a later date.

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