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December 1, 2016





If you have any observations about the AWAY Travel service we will be delighted to hear from you.

Do you have any comments, concerns or compliments you wish to share with the supporters club committee?

If you do have anything to share please speak to a member of the BRSC Committee at a Home match.

If you are unsure who the BRSC Committee Members are you can find out by clicking: HERE

You can also raise your concerns with the supporters club shop staff or with the coach stewards.

You can email us or use the CONTACT US facility on the website: HERE

Over 200 different supporters have travelled on the Official Away coaches in recent games.

The service is generally running well and most supporters are happy with the provision.

However, three supporters have recently contacted the committee over aspects of the service.

The specific topics they have raised will be discussed at the next BRSC committee meeting in early December.

Two pertinent questions were posed, two observations were shared and there was one concern/complaint.

The views of these three supporters have been listened to and their views will be discussed soon.

If you have any observations about the AWAY Travel service we will be delighted to hear from you.

We have previously sought feedback from supporters on a range of issues. For example:

01/08/16 –  CLICK HERE and 31/05/16 –  CLICK HERE.

In recent years we have made a number of important changes to the Away Travel service. For instance,

1. We introduced a changed starting point of the Kingsway in the 2014/15 season.

This meant the previous double visit through the busy Kingswood shopping centre is avoided.

2. Coaches now start at the Kingsway and then leave The Memorial Stadium 30 minute later.

This change in protocol has added a degree of certainty; particularly for occasional supporters.

3.  We introduced a two-tier pricing policy in the 2015/16 season.

The cost for BRSC members is £5 less than for non-members.

 4. We have now twice brought forward the time of departure for matches.

Our aim is to attempt to arrive 60-90 minutes before the match begins; traffic permitting.

5. Coach stewards now complete a valuable Away Travel Summary Sheet for each match.

Our aim is to have an accurate record of the key information for future planning.

6. Every Committee meeting now includes a discussion of the monthly Away Travel Report.

Our aim is to be pro-active and respond promptly to any concerns or comments from supporters.

Before bringing in any changes proposed by members, discussions over any such changes will be held with the BRSC Away travel organisers, our Away coach operator and the regular coach stewards.

Based on feedback recently received we know that we need to look again at our Guidelines for Coach Stewards.

If you have any observations about the AWAY Travel service we will be delighted to hear from you.

Our aim is to provide an Away Travel service that meets the needs of the Bristol Rovers supporters fan base.


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