Training Ground Update

December 22, 2016

Update on plans for a new training ground in Almondsbury.




Bristol Rovers hope to construct a training base at Colony Farm in Hortham Lane, Almondsbury.

Bristol Rovers FC Chairman Steve Hamer has stated; “We are delighted with the outcome of the planning application to develop a new training ground on a site at Colony Farm and look forward, as a club, to progressing the acquisition. We have no further comments to add at this stage but will keep supporters informed of any future progress.”

There are some key planning conditions that Bristol Rovers must comply with.

The Main Conditions are summarised below:

1. Only such roofing and external facing materials approved in writing by the local Planning Authority shall be used.

2. All planting and seeding shall be carried out in the first planting and seeding seasons following the first use of the buildings or the completion of the development.

3. None of the buildings shall be used until the associated car parking areas have been drained and surfaced and the parking facilities provided.

4. No external lighting shall be installed within the car park without prior written consent.

5. The premises shall not be used for any purpose other than that approved.

6. The Clubhouse building shall be used solely in conjunction with the surrounding land as sports fields and shall not be sold off to form a separate unit.

7. The pitch floodlights shall be implemented only in accordance with the details that have previously been approved.

8. Cycle parking facilities shall be implemented prior to the first use of the clubhouse.

10. Prior to use of the clubhouse, a 2-metre-wide footway on Hortham Lane must be constructed to link the main entrance with the existing footpath network.

11. The site cannot be used for first team professional matches nor for games for which there is ticketed or paid admission.


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