The Macron Stadium

February 27, 2017

With this game being Rovers first ever visit to the Macron Stadium this is likely to be a new ground for the vast majority of Gasheads travelling north tomorrow.

The Football Ground Guide has this to say about the stadium:

Away fans are housed in the two tiered South Stand at one end of the ground, where up to 5,000 supporters can be accommodated, although the normal allocation is nearer 3,000. The lower tier is shared with home supporters, but the upper tier is given entirely to away fans. The leg room and facilities within this stand are good and the atmosphere is boosted in the home end by the presence of a drummer. Alex Smith adds; ‘away fans should note that the bottom rows of the lower tier are not covered by the roof and therefore you may get wet if it rains’. Whilst Paul Kelly warns; ‘the stewards at the stadium can be a bit over zealous, often throwing out fans for little reason. My advice to away fans is do not even think about celebrating a goal by going further forward than the front row. They’ll have you even if you’re just on the bit of track behind the adverts. Also you may be told to sit down during the game, take heed and do so. Fans have been removed who persistently stand up during the game’.

I was particularly impressed with the stadium and for the first time in this country, I felt I could have easily been sitting in a comparable stadium in the United States. The refreshment facilities are good (albeit queuing times can be long on occasion) and I wish that other clubs would copy the way that supporters in the Reebok are served. There are proper queuing barriers and exit lanes. One person takes the order and deals with the money, whilst another prepares your order at the same time. Simple when you think about it, it is just a pity that other clubs seem to think that supporters enjoy the lottery of being in the scrum that develops around the refreshment kiosk. Food on offer includes a range of Holland’s “Big Eat” Pies; Chicken Balti, Peppered Steak, Potato and Meat, Cheese Potato and Onion (all £2.90), Cheeseburgers (£3.50), Chicken Wraps (£3.80) and Hot Dogs (£3.50).

Remember Rovers fans can pay at the gate.

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