How to contact us

May 24, 2018

Following the closure of our shop at 199 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood last week there have been changes to the way our members can contact us.

We always welcome correspondence from members on any issues related to the supporters club or the football club. We will treat your correspondence in the strictest confidence.

If you prefer to write to us the address to use now is:

The Memorial Stadium
Filton Avenue
Bristol BS7 0BF

In normal circumstances, you should receive a prompt acknowledgement of your correspondence and then you can expect a response to your enquiry within one week.

As we have neither premises or staff we have reluctantly had to dispense with our telephone number and members can no longer phone us.

The e-mail address is no longer in use and has been replaced by a series of e-mail addresses. These are:

To contact our chairman Jim Chappell








To contact our vice-chairman Phil Draper









To contact our secretary David Thomas









To contact our treasurer Sue Williams






To contact our membership secretary Sam Parsons








To contact our away travel rep Leanne Hawkins









To contact our share scheme rep Helen Wigmore









To contact our social rep Janet Wooster use








To contact our disability rep (vacant) use

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