Sunderland latest information

December 4, 2018

There are still plenty of match tickets available from the club for this game.

We are currently taking bookings for a second coach and are just three bookings away from breaking even.

Setting a fair price for our coach/es for this trip has not been straightforward because of the distance involved. Two drivers will be required for each coach which makes this significantly the most expensive price per coach of this or probably any season! By using our normal formula for calculating the cost of coach seats we arrived at a figure of £47 for members. However, the Committee thought this would be too expensive and therefore we have decided on a capped cost of £40 for members and £45 for non-members. We hope that this will prove acceptable to our supporters for THE away trip of the season!

Coaches will depart Kingsway, Kingswood at 6.30am and the Memorial Stadium at 7am.

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