Quiz Night – how would you have done

Sep 18, 2017 | News, Quiz Nights

If you didn’t attend our Quiz Night last Thursday how do you think you would have fared had you been there?

Here are the opening two rounds of questions – answers on Wednesday.

Good luck, and no googling!

Round One: General Knowledge

1. Rome stands on which river?

2. The Blue Boy is a work by which artist?

3. Which is the largest city in Switzerland?

4. The llama belongs to the family of animals commonly called what?

5. What is myopia?

6. Telly Savalas, Donald Pleasance, Charles Gray, and Max Von Sydow have all played the same villainous movie character – who?

7. Name the two families in Romeo and Juliet?

8. Who commanded the Allied forces, which invaded Europe on D-Day?

9. In the 1963 film The Great Escape, what names were given to the three tunnels?

10. Who captained Jules Verne’s submarine Nautilus?


Round 2. Food and drink

1. What food product has entered the dictionary meaning ” something that is an acquired taste or tends to polarise opinions” ?

2. Apart from being spices what do Mace and Nutmeg have in common?

3. How many pints are there in a firkin of ale?

4. The blue cheese Cambozola comes from which country?

5. How have vegetables been cut which are served Julienne?

6. What is converted into alcohol during brewing?

7. Which fruit are the most calorific?

8. What is the name given to a locked case in which decanters can be seen but not used?

9. What spicy dish, often with lamb and apricots, takes its name from the cooking pot in which it was traditionally made?

10. Which is the missing hen from this list? Old Hoppy Hen, Old Golden Hen, Old Speckled Hen?