Quiz Night: Rounds 8, 9 & 10

Sep 24, 2017 | News, Quiz Nights

Round 8. TV

1. Which TV character said, ‘Live long and prosper’ and in which series?

2. Which school featured in UK TV’s ‘Please Sir’?

3. The part of which 1970s detective was first offered to Bing Crosby?

4. Who hosted UK TV’s ‘Family Fortunes’ after Bob Monkhouse and before Les Dennis?

5. Who created the UK TV spoof 007 character Basildon Bond?

6. In which year did Sky show the world’s first live 3D sports broadcast?

7. Who presented Channel 4’s show Time Team?

8. KAR120C was the registration of a yellow Lotus 7, in which 1960s cult UK TV series?

9. Name the 2006 spin-off from Dr Who which ran for four seasons?

10.The top 5 UK audiences of 2015 were all for the editions of the same programme – which?

Round 9. Music

1. What was the best selling album of 2015 and 2016?

2. Who was Radio 1’s first female DJ?

3. In the song, Heartbreak Hotel is on which street?

4. Where was the composer Gustav Holst born?

5. Who had a UK Top Ten hit with the song Snot Rap?

6. Who sang the theme for the Bond film For Your Eyes Only?

7. Which famous rock band were formerly known as The High Numbers?

8. Who wrote the opera Billy Budd?

9. What was the Beatles’ first number one?

10. To which family of musical instruments does a saxophone belong?


Round 10. Utter Trivia

1. What colour is the Misterman Mister Worry?

2. Which organ is the same size at birth and at death?

3. Yale University is named after Mr. Yale. What nationality was he?

4. Before Winston Churchill went bald, what colour was his hair?

5. T or F – you are more likely to be born female than male according to census figures?

6. In the nursery rhyme what was used to mend Jack’s head after he had fallen down the hill?

7. In a lifetime how long in months does an average person spend waiting at red traffic lights?

8. Which two colours are Dennis the Menace’s Jumper?

9. In a standard deck of 52 cards there are 42 what?

10. A man has his first at 18 then every day spends in total 106 days by the age of 60 doing what?